Santa Fe Community Gallery | 201 W Marcy Street


Across countless millennia a symbiotic relationship developed between humans and plants. Humankind’s careful observation, experimentation and cultivation of plants lead to beneficial uses that allowed cultures to develop, subsist and thrive. The foremost recognized methods of plant use by humans are as food, weaving and dying, healing and tool making. This exhibition will explore another chapter in this evolving relationship—one in which nature provides the tools and materials for art making and sensory stimulation. 

The Community Gallery is partnering with the Santa Fe Botanical Gardens, Leonora Curtin Wetland Preserve, Santa Fe Watershed and Randall Davey Audubon Center to conduct immersive opportunities for artists to tour these facilities, learn about the plants they are seeing, and gather materials for their final artwork. 

Participating artists include: Laurie Archer, Clayton Bass, Mireya Cirici-Enzmann, Connie Forneris, Lisa Freeman, Marc Hinkley, Deeda Hull, Shirley Klinghoffer, Stephanie Lerma, Nicki Marx, Elizabeth Mesh, Karen Milstein, Judy Naumburg, Janet O’Neal, Patricia Pearce, Victoria Rabinowe, Diane Rolnick, Greta Ruiz, Romi Sloboda, Suzanne Stern Brant, George Vogel, L. Wren Walraven, Ruth Weston and Molly Zimmer.